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Brown Sugar (Pieces)
Butter - President - Unsalted & Salted
Canned Mandarin Oranges (Segment)
Cheddar Cheese
Chestnut Puree & Paste
Chestnut Puree is without added sugar. Chestnut Paste is with added sugar...
Chocolate - Callebaut 54% (Buttons)
Sold in pack of 500gm..
Chocolate Curls - Dual Colours
We sell these in packet of 150gm..
Chocolate Curls - Pink
Cream Cheese - Block
Cream Cheese - Philadelphia (250gm block)
These are sold in 250gm packet..
Crunchy Pearls - Assorted
Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and White Chocolate..
Crushed Oreo Cookies Pieces
Now you don’t need to throw away the cream sandwiched between the cookies nor  machine blend or..
Custard Powder
Dried Apricot