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HK Lotus Paste
1kg pack. From Hong Kong...
HK White Lotus Paste
1kg pack. From Hong Kong...
HongKong Kao Flour
For snow skin mooncake. Mix with icing sugar, and shortening. Size: 1kg..
 Banana Essence
For flavouring of snow skin mooncake...
Alkaline water
Used in traditional mooncake Size: 100ml  ..
Baking Powder - Royal
Black Sesame Paste
For flavouring of pastries & ice cream..
Bottles (Milk) - Fat
Bottles (Milk) - Tall
Brown Sugar (Pieces)
Butter - President - Unsalted & Salted
Canned Mandarin Oranges (Segment)
Cheddar Cheese
Chestnut Puree & Paste
Chestnut Puree is without added sugar. Chestnut Paste is with added sugar...
Chocolate - Callebaut 54% (Buttons)
Sold in pack of 500gm..